I couldn’t believe my ears…

“So you’re telling me you’re ripping me off because you can…?”

“uh… ya”

I hung up the phone.

Hey guys, I used to serve a chai latte in my little cafe that I really liked it. I liked it so much I pitched the idea of it to a company I used to work for and let them sample some. They liked it so much they asked if I could supply 5,600 lbs a week for this chai.

“no problem!”…

or so I thought.

usually, when you buy at bulk prices go down. not in this case. When I called head office to ask if I could be able to buy 5,600 lbs a week they said I could for $5.25 per lb. I had been buying from the Chilliwack distributor for $4.25.

I quickly did the math in my head that means every week I’d have to pay an extra $5,600… A WEEK

That’s $22,400 a month… (I wish I had that kind of money)

and just because they could?

excuse the language but what kind of crap is that?

So I set out in creating my own chai

I was like a mad scientist, mixing tweaking, matching, experimenting. Asking close friends and family what they thought.

It took one year and 3 months with over 300 modifications to my original recipe but I finally got the perfect recipe.

And I noticed it in my store, I mean, people were coming just for the chai.

At first, I just wanted to keep it in my store because I wanted people to come to my shop to get it. I’m a people person and I love talking to everyone that comes in. Ask anyone that knows me, they’ll tell you I’m a social butterfly.

–  $5.25/lb

–  $4.25/lb

5,600 lbs a week

Hello and thanks for stopping by.  I am Jas and it was a single cup of Chai that flipped my whole world upside down.  No, there was nothing illegal in the Chai.  That Cup and trip to India had such an impact that I came home.  Quit my job as a Banker and opened a Tea Shop, SippChai Cafe.

Today we have our own Chai Latte Mix, our SippChai Lattes, and 2 locations to serve you.

Yes, you will find that sometimes in life, a “bad thing” isn’t a bad thing.

You have to find a way around or moving ahead without letting the little things become big things and get in your way – sometimes the obstacle is the way. Well our goal has always been to “change lives one cup at a time”.  Sit back and enjoy a Chai.

It starts with you.

SippChai Latte is just one vehicle of change in this world.  Chai changed my world, now I would like to use Chai to help other people.

We feel positive that, together, we can help a lot of people… and we start by making your taste buds happy.

I’ve always wanted to change the world.  Make an impact.

That’s why I quit the bank. That’s why I started a coffee shop. That’s why we started a not-for-profit, SOS Media.  That’s why I started a talk show that now gets national coverage promoting people in communities making positive changes in what they’re passionate about.

Like attracts like and I’ve met many people who want to make an impact in the world too.

One day it clicked and I thought “If we take the Chai online we’ll be able to reach and help more people across the world, quicker and impact lives sooner.”

The goal is to make a positive impact globally starting locally.

People walk into your lives. Some people stay forever some people go and other people change your lives forever. Well, together (and hopefully with you), we are going to change lives forever.

For now, as we continue growing and reaching out, we reach out to you and ask that you reach back and help us grow.

Please tell us what you think about the taste, share your vision of your ideal world.

How do we make people’s lives better?

How do we make your life better?

In the end,

how do we find the way to Sipp Chai in peace, with love, in harmony, united?

Through our SippChai Latte, you are helping us help more people.

We’re not just in the business of chai.
We’re in the business of making a change in the world for the better.

-Jas Anand

PS. If you want to hear the full cup of chai story that made me quit my job, feel free to stop by or message.  If you would like to join our Team as we move forward, we are looking to grow, reach out as well.