We serve the highest quality food and drinks. Our food is locally sourced.

donuts and coffee

Locally owned and operated, we provide local products only.

Like our special Sipp Chai Latte.

Focusing mainly on Tea, we pride ourselves on our House Chai Lattes and Masala Chai.  The Chai Latte is a bit on the sweet side, you can always ask for less sweet, where as the Masala Chai has no sugar but a nice spice to it.  You can always add sugar if you like.

We serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with a very simple menu:

Breakfast: Sandwiches, Croissants, Scones and Toast.

Lunch and Dinner: Wraps (5 to choose from), Home Made Soup and Grill Cheese, or Butter Chicken on Rice with Naan.

Our Ice Cream comes from Birchwood Dairy. makes great Milkshakes

Coffee is Ethical Beans from Vancouver.

Snacks and Donuts from Monte Cristo Bakery and Krispy Kreme in Delta.

Student Discounts


If you’d like to buy our Chai Latte (we make it with our special recipe) then click here!