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That’s our wall of tea!!

SippChai Cafe opened its doors Dec 1st of 2011. The idea was to be an alternate to the main stream way of things.  Today, life is busy on the go. Fast pace, fast service, fast food, deadlines, and drive throughs. Where people don’t have the time to sit and enjoy their beverage anymore. And, even if they do decide to stay and relax, the seats are always hard and uncomfortable! Well, not here at SippChai Cafe. Every seat in the house is comfortable. Almost like a living room away from home.  Being Indian, we put our focus on Chai (tea). The tradition of Chai is an old ritual. When guests come over they are always greeted with Chai. It’s a time of sitting back and enjoying the moment. Whether to be social or just sit back and relax. We do offer more than just Chai. Serving all local products, we have Ethical Beans Coffee, Birchwood Dairy Ice Cream, Krispy Kreme Donuts and some home made food such as Wraps, Soup and Butter Chicken. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. Open 7 days a week.


It was 2 cups of tea, one in India and one in Germany that help change my perception in life. Now our slogan is, “Helping change Lives one Cup at a Time”.   We are very community oriented and sponsor/donate to many causes.


Come me check us out. You will be back.